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Just before xmas I received an email from a representative at offering me the opportunity to give their online store a test run. Of course I jumped at the chance!

If you haven't heard of Simons yet they have a number of beautiful brick & mortar stores in Quebec but I was not aware you could shop online. When I browsed the site I was excited to find items for every budget. After a couple days of browsing the site I was ready to shop! In the end I choose a pair of jeans for my husband. I was very pleased with the selection of colours, sizes & price ranges. I completed the checkout process with ease & received an email confirmation almost immediately after placing my order. The next day I found a shipping confirmation along with a tracking number in another email so I knew exactly when my parcel would arrive.

When I received my package it was more like receiving a gift from a friend then just getting an online order. My purchase was packaged in a sturdy box & wrapped neatly in tissue secured with a Simons leaf-logo sticker. Because I had ordered during the holiday season my order also included a large tote bag printed with the Simons leaves. It wasn't your average freebie tote bag either this was something I wouldn't think twice about paying for. My invoice was inside an envelope. The presentation was beautiful! The jeans I ordered were exactly as described & fit my picky husband perfectly!

I'm thrilled to have discovered a Canadian alternative to Sears since their online shop has been going downhill for the past year or so. All in all I will definitely order from again!

Daily Deals ~ New Updated List! Toronto +

This is my new & improved updated list!
I've found some incredible deals lately!
Cheap Marlie Tickets & cheap Toronto Rock Tickets as well certificates for 50% off at Licks HomeBurgers, 50% off at the Burgers Priest, 50% at Philthy McNastys, 50% off at Kama Classical Indian Cuisine, 50% off at AppleBees, 50% off at Baskin Robbins, 50% off at Elephant & Castle, $30 worth of candy for $15 at Suckers candy shop, 50% off at Jetsun's Juicy Burger & $40 for $100 worth of goodies from The Butchers at Yonge & Eglinton!
I've also found great deals that came in handy during our recent visit to Niagara Falls & tons of awesome deals for our next trip to New Orleans!
I also signed up for a deal getting a discount on a membership at HouseSeats which gives me access to free tickets for many shows & exhibits around town! At first I was a bit wary but I've seen a ton of great stuff up for offer already!
I can't help it!! I'm addicted to Daily Deals!

I'm trying to compile a list of all the Daily Deal websites available for Toronto. I know I've already missed a bunch of fab deals because there are so many new sites are popping up.

So far my list includes...

Kijiji Deals

Most of these sites also contain daily deals for other cities in Canada & many contain deals for the USA so have fun shopping!

If anyone has any sites to add please feel free to email me at WackyWorldofK at Bell dot Net or leave a comment here!
Happy Shopping!!

A Discount Xmas

I've decided that there are so many great deals swimming around I will never again shop without using a discount code, coupon or some sort of customer loyalty program.

I signed up for daily deal email alerts at, & & every day I receive a heads up in my inbox about all sorts of great deals! If you haven't heard about them yet, Groupon, WagJag & other similar sites offer wicked discounts for a short period of time, usually 24 hours but sometimes a few days or a week. The idea is to offer discounts normally reserved for groups to individual people. Most deals have a tipping point where a certain number of people have to purchase the deal before the discount is live. If the deal does not get enough people they don't charge your credit card...that has yet to happen to me!! Most of the deals I've seen are so awesome they sell tons!

I've recently received offers allowing me to buy $50 worth of online cheese for $25 & $20 worth of Body Shop goodies for $10, every little bit of saved money helps at xmas time! At Halloween, we bought discounted tickets for both Halloween Haunt at Wonderland & Screemers at the CNE grounds! Gotta love saving money!

I've even been using deals & discounts to make our annual trip to New Orleans a little less painful. Last year I purchased both the Toronto & New Orleans editions of the Entertainment books. Entertainment books are filled with great coupons for restos, local attractions & member discounts. I also discovered a site called where you can order $25 gift certificates at tons of restaurants in the USA for-get this-$10!! That's like eating $15 worth of free food!! Free food always tastes better. Unfortunately it hasn't expanded into Canada yet but maybe that's a good thing for my (now much smaller) waistline! Signing up for their emails also gives me discount codes that allow me to buy the exact same $25 gift certificates for $5, $3 or even $2!! Insane! I even get the Groupon email alert for New Orleans & I've already purchased half price admission to the Audubon Aquarium & a couple of tours that I've always wanted to do but never had the cash for!

Some Exciting News!

Hey y'all, I'm back from a mini blog vacay to let you know about an awesome set of online stores! I was lucky enough to have been contacted by someone at the CSN group of shops asking if I'd like to do a product review. Of course I jumped at the chance! I've visited their sites quite a few times after noticing a link on another blog ealier this year. The number of items they have is a bit overwhelming at first. You really need to sit down & take the time to browse all your options cause there are tons & tons!!

My hubby & I just completed a massive house painting project & nothing makes you re-consider your lighting choices like slapping a new colour on your walls!
I was checking out their massive selection of wall sconces & we've decided on getting a pair of sconces in a dark oil-rubbed bronze finish for our stairway & upstairs hall. The dark colour of the bronze should look fab with the sweet pale blue we've chosen!
With so many choices we haven't narrowed it down completely yet but my readers will be the first to know what we decide on & I'll snap a few pics when they goes up!

Teaser...Stay tuned for my very first blog contest!!

I'm excited to announce that the good people at are letting me do a giveaway this summer!
Keep reading for more info!
You can follow me on Twitter @WackyWorldofK so you don't miss the big announcement!
This is gonna be awesome!

Bell Canada & their Merry Band of Thieves

My husband (& I) just got off the phone with Bell Canada. He spoke to 5 different people in the course of an hour & 20 minutes. I'm wondering if we spoke to the only 5 morons at Bell or if they only hire morons.

I have a beautiful PURPLE cell phone. It's an LG Reveal & it's absolutely gorgeous. Bell was the only cell phone carrier that I could find that offered it. I spent 8 mostly wonderful years with Rogers but this phone was so pretty I couldn't resist so I switched. Now I'm seriously regretting it.

Bell Mobility offered a two month free trial of their web browser. I signed up for it & canceled on time so I didn't get charged for anything beyond the trial. January's bill showed $15.75 of "mobile browser" charges, I just figured I screwed up & didn't cancel in time. February's bill showed another $12.17 in mobile browser charges. I KNOW FOR A FACT that no one used the phone for anything other than a few phone calls & a few text messages (the texts were billed separately) so I went back & looked at the previous bill & noticed a pattern in the time of day the browser was accessed...

The phone accessed the browser in regular intervals BY ITSELF! We don't have any children & there are only two of us in the house. My husband works nights & I don't think the cats are very tech savvy. The first Bitch (I use bitch cause no one seems to like the C-word) we spoke to at Bell was a waste of life she flat out REFUSED to transfer us to her supervisor. After some prodding she sent us through to tech support who poo-poo us & transfered us back to customer service to have the bullshit charges taken off our last two bills (we are still waiting on March's bill) but that guy said that Bell saw them as valid charges & would not remove them, I asked him to totally disable browser access from the phone. Of course he said that was impossible. He sent us back to tech support who we again asked to disable access, he also refused but sent us back to cust service where FINALLY the girl admitted that she could in fact disable the browser but still refused to remove the charges.

I'm furious that they all refuse to believe that the phone accessed the browser by itself. They all insisted that we "pushed the wrong button" or "went on by accident" I've had cell phones for at least 13 years & I know whether or not "I've pushed the wrong button". It's to the point now where I will only turn on the phone a few times a month because every time the power is on we get hit with data charges. I don't play games, chat, send picture messages & I've never downloaded ringtones or screen savers. I don't surf or update facebook or check my email. I make the odd call & send the odd text massage. The only thing I can think of is that it's the weather or news app updating itself but I'm not using either one, I've removed them ages ago but I can't find a way to delete them forever so they are still lurking on the phone somewhere. They were pre-installed.

I started keeping track of days I turned the phone on, when I made or received a call or text message & when my phone was sitting on the bookcase or tucked away in my purse with the phone closed up so no buttons are even exposed & no matter what I do the mobile browser charges appear. I just did a google search & I found many others who this same thing has happened to.

So FUCK YOU Bell!! I'm going to continue to fight this & I WILL GET MY MONEY BACK & as soon as my contract is up I'm going back to Rogers!!

Bloggers Guilt / GnR Show

I keep meaning to write something but I never get around to it. I still (as you can see) haven't figured out how to fix my header image...maybe I'll work on that tonight.

Last night hubby & I went to the Guns & Roses show at the ACC. I didn't know what to expect but Axl still has the voice. My first real concert was the GnR/Metallica show at the Exhibition Stadium a million years ago. I was 15-16, just a baby. I was there with an artist I was dating & hubby was there with his first girlfriend. We didn't know each other back then, we met many years later but it's still funny to think back & know we were both there...just not together.
Fate has a funny way of working stuff out.
Hubby's high school was right beside mine. They were separated by a park. He's two years older than me so we were next to each other for two years & didn't know it. I spent many, many days skipping school hanging out in that park. Sometimes I wonder if I ever noticed him or if he ever noticed me. Life is weird.
He worked every summer on the Giant Wheel at the CNE. Sometimes I'd go 8 times a season. I loved the rides, loved the greasy fair food...& the greasy boys we'd sometimes meet. Hubby & I must have interacted at some point, I'd never visit the EX & not go on the wheel. I guess we had to wait for the time to be right to meet.

Anyways back to the show. Danko Jones & Sebastien Bach were opening. We had no interest in seeing them so we left late. Sebastien Bach was on when we got there so we shared a slice of nasty pizza & drank some beers before we took our seat. I have to say I was a bit embarrassed when I recognized some of the older songs, from his Skid Row days. He's a name dropper, he kept mentioning touring with this band & that band back in the day. I wanted to slap him when he mentioned Pantera...he's just not worthy enough to speak that name. Hubby & I decided that the only thing worse than never being famous at all is to be a has-been.

Axl was late, we expected that. They played the entire Pantera album, Vulgar Display of Power between acts. I was actually thinking that I'd be disappointed if GnR came on & cut Pantera short but the album ended before Axl graced us with his presence. He sounded good, the band was tight but we weren't familiar with any of their-his really-new material. We rolled in about 3am, a little tipsy but still functioning. I don't think we'd bother seeing them again but Motley Crue is playing next week...I know they're selling 2for1 tix & we haven't seen them for years either...hmmmm.


My beautiful blog is all messed up & I'm not clever enough to figure out how to fix it. My most recent attempt is only slightly better than Imageshack's evil message saying "do not hotlink large images". I left it alone for a bit hoping it would fix itself but it didn't so please excuse the ugliness of my half-assed fix until I figure how to resize my header-thingy. Screw Imagshack.

I've been meaning to get back in the habit of bogging regularly but I've been so disgustingly lazy lately. I was so busy over the holidays that now I have some time to myself I haven't wanted to do anything.
Today is the 17th & we JUST took our tree down this afternoon. All of our other xmas decorations are still up...including our four 3' mini trees. sigh. The house should be back to normal by February though!

Yesterday we watched the Saints kick some ass! We're hoping they win their next game...we're planning a massive SuperBowl party & it'll be nice to actually have a team we care about playing for once. Football is such an American thing. We've been to a few Argos games over the years & we went to Hamilton for some cup-thing once...can't remember the name but it was freezing & we were very-very drunk...Vanier maybe? We didn't see our first NFL game until we saw the Saints play in New Orleans back in 2006. I'm looking to buy us a pair of jerseys for us but they're pretty expensive. I want a Shockey one but I can only find Brees in the ladies sizes.
I've always said the two worst things about SuperBowl parties are chili & football...I'm hoping this year will be different!

Better late than never...better never than late??
x-mas K's way!



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